Does buying multiple lottery tickets increase your winning chances?

Many people like to spend lots of time dreaming about winning a lottery. It’s obviously a great thing to become a rich person in one moment, but few understand that lotto chances of winning are rather low. Nevertheless, even those who understand it continue buying tickets, hoping that one day their lives will change because of big winnings. Understandably, those people would like to know how many tickets it’s better to buy. Sometimes those into lotteries spend huge sums of money on tickets, hoping that it will pay off. So, let’s try to clarify what amount of tickets should be bought for your winning chances to increase. 

Theoretical approach

Theoretically, the more tickets you buy – the higher your winning chances are. But things are different if we talk about big lotteries and smaller ones. Those playing small lotteries have more winning chances. For example, if there is a school lottery, there is a certain amount of tickets (for example, 300). Most of them (or even all of them) will be sold. So, if you buy 10 instead of 1, your winning chances will increase. 

Speaking about national lotteries or other big ones, we can’t say so. Series of numbers are drawn here, so in this case, everything depends not on the number of tickets you buy, but on your luck. The odds of winning lotto by getting a complete set of right numbers are small. Some people who’ve been playing lotteries for years or even decades are sure it’s impossible. Nevertheless, everything is possible, even if chances are rather low. 

Let’s have a look at the example. Imagine yourself in a stadium fool of people. The winner is random. What will be your winning chances? They will be rather low, isn’t it? And then, imagine that you have ten or even one hundred tickets to enter many different stadiums. This will certainly increase one’s chance of winning lotto, but luck is everything here. 

Several tips

So, we’ve finally got to the question most of you may be interested in the most: how to win? You already know that buying as many lottery tickets as you can afford won’t change the situation for the better. So, we have prepared several rules it’s better to stick to in order to increase your odds of winning prize home. These tips were used by those who won, so who knows, perhaps you will be the next one with our help. 

The first thing you should pay attention to is the lottery itself. How many lotteries have you chosen to try your fortune in? If there is only one, it’s a huge mistake. If you play several lotto, your chances of becoming the happy winner will increase greatly. Play not only national lotteries but also smaller ones. Use all your chances, as some say that it’s much easier to win a small lottery than a national one. Another thing worth mentioning is the tickets. If you have some old tickets, it may be possible to utilize those as well. So, how to check old lottery tickets? Most often, it can be done on specialized websites. There is also a ‘Check my ticket’ function on various lotteries’ websites, so it’s possible to check it there. 

Then, remember your budget. Never spend too much on tickets. Make sure you can afford everything you need if going to play lotteries. Your chances are always the same, so don’t fall victim to advertisements promising huge money. It’s just a game, so make fun of it without risking your comfort and future. 

Last, but not least – use different numbers. Many people choose their or their children’s’, or parents’ birth dates, but you’d better not do that. There may be different numbers, but if you use only birth dates, you will only be playing numbers 1-31. So, your winning chances will be even lower. 

In any case, everything depends on luck. So, try your fortune!

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