British regulator plans to make pokies safer

gambling onlineThe U.K. gambling regulator has opened a consultation period that will end Sept. 3. It is accepting recommendations on the safety of online pokies for punters. The regulator wants to minimize the risk of people becoming addicted.  The press release said that there have been many changes in the pokie machine industry that have made the game faster. And increased speed of play means increased likelihood of addiction and harm from pokies. So the regulator has decided to make changes, and they are consulting with the community to decide what would be the most effective option and what the consequences are likely to be. Some of the recommendations under consideration are a minimum spin speed of 2.5 seconds, the abolition of the speed-rolling function or the early stopping of the reels. Additionally, the regulator proposes to prohibit operators from the practice of cancelling withdrawals, or is willing to listen to any other suggestions.

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