A Day of a Dealer: How Online Live Dealers Spend Their Days


There are all kinds of misconceptions about the profession of a live dealer in an online casino. So many people believe that online casinos cheat and that their dealers are frauds, but the reality is, just as usual, much simpler and there are explanations for everything. At the same time, even the most dedicated players don’t know much about how live dealers live and work. It is very interesting and we asked one of professionals from Bulgaria how he became an employee of this service and how many of them are cheaters. Our friend Petar works for multiple websites in a special facility in Bulgaria from where his craft is streamed to various platforms.

Q: How did you become a live dealer?

I never considered becoming one in my childhood. My parents wanted me to become a lawyer and tried their best to pay for my education, but being a student in a relatively poor country is more than difficult and I found myself struggling to make ends meet. I had to forfeit education when I was approaching my 20s due to many problems including the fact that my younger sister needed to go to the college as well. I could start working and put my education on hold.

At first, I worked as a waiter in a local small casino. We still have those in Bulgaria. You know, small dim dark places with lots of slot machines, mechanical automated roulettes, and card tables. One of them had a restaurant “attached” so I worked there. I had never been interested in gambling but one of my close friends at work said that I some company was searching for people with training and asked if I wanted to train and apply for the job. I said yes and here I am 10 years later.

Q: What are some of the requirements for the job?

Some think that a person working with cards must have finesse and know how to do all those tricks with cards, but the basics of working with a deck are quite simple and you will learn them in no time. There are other important qualities. You must look good (it is actually very important), know how to work quickly and interact with players freely, and you must be professional regardless of what you could read in the chat or hear from an actual player at the table. Some finesse is required, but it is not like you must be a pro level piano player with really agile fingers to become one of us.

Q: Do you cheat? Ever?

No. Never. I think this should be enough (laughing). I know a lot of people who think that an online casino tends to cheat more often but I think that land-based gambling houses are way more “scammy”. I heard so many stories from my friends about double decking, swapping cards, and stuff like that. We don’t have to do such things in an online casino. The turnover is much greater. With so many people betting simultaneously, you will never find yourself in a losing position as a house. We have a natural upper hand. You know that I go second and this gives you more chances to bust your hand. Obviously, I’m talking about BJ right now.

Q: Are there differences in style?

Some players believe that a deeper penetration is a sign of a better dealer. However, I don’t think so. In my experience, BJ is still a game of chance and nothing else. Yes, you may think that you will have a better probability due to knowing how many cards are still in the deck, but this is a very small advantage to have. This depends on so many other factors and the penetration is always relatively deep. No one shuffles the deck after 5 cards drawn. Honestly, I don’t really know much stylistic differences between how we deal cards. Although, some of us have their own fans and mostly due to their personality. I heard that some people are more likely to be attracted to female hostesses and that the depth of the deck penetration actually can attract more players, but I don’t think that the difference is that massive.

Q: Some say that they lose online more than in real life. Why is that so?

It is personal bias mostly. I actually think that many middle-class land-based casinos will cheat much more often. As I said, we don’t need to cheat due to a much bigger turnover. We know that tomorrow we will have even more clients if everything is fair. As to why people claim that they lose more online or have a much more swaying range of results, I think that it is due to the speed of online gambling. We do things faster and allow you to play more hands in a shorter amount of time meaning that you will simply play more and lose more due to a natural advantage.

Players tend to pay less attention to probabilities and possible outcomes and risk much more frequently when they can play more games in a shorter period of time. They just want to skip this game and start another one as quickly as possible. This is why they feel like they are losing more.


All live dealers are regular guys and girls who just spend their time at work like we all do. Also stop thinking that an online casino will try to cheat on you. They don’t have any incentives to do so. Enjoy your BJ games!


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