6 Wicked Things About American Casinos that Foreigners Find Unacceptable

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Each nation has its own wonders and its own repulsive horrors that make other people question the ways of life of said nation. We want to talk to you about several really disturbing and even weird things that are quite common for many American casinos but will unquestionably make a foreigner scratch their head. Some of these interesting things are not exclusive the US and can be found in other countries with casino resorts, but these issues seem to be “concentrated” in the land of opportunity.

Number 1. Daycare for children

While their parents are enjoying their share of games of chance, children of gambling addicts can enjoy some quality time in a local daycare where specialists will look after them and treat them with snacks and soft drinks. There are various forms of daycare facilities and they differ from one resort to another. We do question parents who are willingly brining their children with them to a place of sin, but a daycare is a relatively normal solution for them. Taking their sons and daughters to casino halls is a way more traumatizing and unpleasant experience.

Daycare workers are often underpaid and do not like their jobs at all. Add to their duties the fact that they have to deal with children who are often spoiled or spend a lot of time without any attention from their parents and you will have one of the most stressful jobs in the whole world. What is even more sad is that some children have to wear name tags because they spend so much time in the daycare room.

Number 2. Banned beggars

People who are asking guests for money is not a unique problem. Many land-based casinos have a bunch of security workers who are there just to scare away poor beggars who lost all their money and now spend their time wondering around the hall and annoying people by asking them for spare change that they will gladly throw at the nearest slot machine. This is the final form of gambling addiction and happens rarely. In fact, some guests are kind and will readily give a buck or two from their winnings to a person asking for change. This is why online gambling is less “destructive” for people who easily become addicts. There’s simply nobody to ask for money on the internet.

Beggars are decisively banned from all affiliated casinos and security workers will throw them out on sight. Some people will wear disguise and try to sneak in when they have some money and continue being annoying to other people when they deplete whatever cash they had on them.

Number 3. Special kid searchers

You won’t believe it but many gamblers are so obsessed with the idea of winning very soon that they forget about their own children who wait for them in the car parked near the hotel. There are special security guys in many LV casinos whose duty is to inspect nearby cars and look for children left unattended. It is very important during hot summer days when sitting in a hot car can be fatal. There actually were several cases of children dying in closed cars under burning sun. After such tragedies, some casinos implemented a new position in their security staff – parking lot inspectors. They walk around the lot and look inside cars. You may be surprised but the amount of children they find is through the roof. It is strange because there are special daycare services just for them. Calling police due to finding a child trapped in a hot car is not something out of this world for many people living in the Sin City.

Number 4. Helpers for elderly gamblers

This is a very sad thing that can happen only in a land-based casino. Stories like this is why we actually prefer gambling online. There are people in Las Vegas who work as special helpers who assist elderly clients to get comfortable at their favorite slot machines and then leave them. These workers will sometimes come back and check on them to see if they are okay. Cases of people dying at slot machines are quite common. Some die from a heart attack due to a sudden win while others are just too old for such exciting activities.

The very fact that such positions exist in modern resorts is quite depressing to say the least. Sadly, older people are the ones who are developing addictions easier than other people due to many factors including loneliness and lack of socialization in general.

Number 5. Interstate bans

Some gamblers are excluded either by their own decision (for up to 6 months) or due to a legal decision of local authorities/casino owners. Usually, the ban works only within one state but some bans are country wise. It depends on many factors including conditions of the ban and the severity of violations that led to it. Some compulsive addicts will readily move to another state if they are banned in their home state. This is quite common for many people to be prohibited from visiting a gambling house in Illinois but go to Mississippi and continue gambling there without any consequences. This is a very weird situation for the industry and it is quite rare for European countries or EU in general.

You could get banned to a plethora of reasons including fraudulent actions, threatening the staff, violating terms and conditions, behaving inappropriately, winning too much and too consistently (meaning that you have an illegal system) or by self-exclusion. Some people realize that they have a problem and they need to ask for a ban.

Number 6. Special EMTs

There are medical services and employees ready to assist to elderly people in any big casino. This is mostly due to the fact that the average age of a gambler increased dramatically over the course of the century. What seemed to be nearly impossible a century ago is a norm for today. Some compulsive gamblers are very old and require medical assistance simple due to being that old. Some resorts now have special dedicated medical hubs just to save their clients from gambling to literally death. This is a very sad thing but it is not exclusive the US. In fact, many modern resorts have such facilities including hubs in the SEA region and Central Europe.

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