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Working at a land-based casino is something that makes you appreciate the existence of modern online casinos where you can satiate your hunger for the thrills of games of chance while not being exposed to various horrors of gambling addiction that are on display in many casino halls across the world. Some of the stories that we are going to tell you are really dark and will definitely disgust some people with imagination, so discretion is advised.

Casino employees are normal people like any of us. They are often forced to do terrible things and ignore people who are in dire need for help and professional assistance. Sadly, some of the stories told below are about such people. Even sadder the fact that some of these stories repeat themselves on a regular basis.

Horror #1. People skipping their walks to toilet

This may sound really wicked and crazy to some people but there are addicts who will never let go their “favorite” slot machine. There is a strange attraction to a single slot machine that resides in many compulsive gamblers and they will never leave their lucky slot. This leads to many really gross problems like people defecating and urinating in their pants. Many casino employees tell stories about finding panties and underwear tucked between slot machines or under them. In fact, many regular visitors of casinos wear special diapers in order to never stop playing even if nature calls. This is one of the grossest things in the whole industry, but there are much sadder regular accidents that will horrify you.

Horror #2. Players dying while playing

This is an issue that has been discussed many times by advocates of the idea of banning gambling as an activity at least banning all those land-based casinos where some people gamble themselves to death. They will sit in front of their favorite slot machine and forget about everything including nutrition and rest leading to exhaustion and life-threatening conditions. There were several really tragic stories about people dying due to winning a huge sum of money or after experiencing a terrible streak of bad luck. Some compulsive gamblers end their lives intentionally after losing too much. Despite having different medical facilities at local resorts, casinos cannot save all people who suddenly drop dead in the middle of the hall.

Horror #3. A terrible story of a tragic death

Death at a cards or craps table is not something absolutely unimaginable for a casino employee but there is something that could be even more frightening and discouraging. One story is about a person that died at the craps table to a heart attack. Casino employees were unable to save him and called for an EMT. However, other players at the table were outraged by the delay and demanded the game to continue despite having a dead body “sitting” right next to them. Despite some attempts of employees to reason with clients, they had to continue serving them as the crowd became really aggressive and did not want to wait for the arrival of the EMT unit. Sadly, such things do happen more often than not. What is not a part of an online experience is interaction with other people. However, you would be surprised how many compulsive gamblers lack basic human empathy.

Horror #4. People losing everything they have

The amount of stories about compulsive addicts who dumped everything is just tragic. Many of us have heard such stories from their friends and relatives or witnessed them personally. Some dealers have to be really cold when it comes to dealing with their clientele. While many of stories have a very sad ending, we want to share you a very disheartening incident that happened in one of UK’s best casinos where an 18-year old student decided to celebrate his coming of age, got really drunk, and decided to lose his student loan and all other money he had on a slot machine. He later begged the owner to return him his money. All his efforts were obviously futile. One of the most important rules for a casino player is to never lost anything that you can’t afford losing and never treat the experience as a way of improving your financial situation but rather as a source of fun and entertainment.